MIVI Duopods M40 Review & Details

This post is all about the Review & Details of  MIVI Duopods M40.


      It is a true wireless earphone. You can connect it through Bluetooth with your phone. Mivi DuoPods M40 is a futuristic earbud made for the audiophile in you. They come with a charging case, so you can charge them on the go, worry-free.

     In the modern world, it is common to have earbuds or TWS near everyone. So why you won't purchase the best & branded one under a minimum range, which can be affordable by anyone? So one of these kinds of TWS is MIVI Duopods M40. Get all the information about this good & take away the confidence to purchase it without worrying.


* Inside The Box Of Mivi Duo pods M40:-  

  1. Mivi Duo pods M40
  2. Charging Capsule
  3. Charging Cable
  4. Extra 2 pairs of Silicon Gel Tips
  5. User Manual


        Mivi Duopods M40 consists of two buds. On the buds, there is nothing written except the logo MIVI. It comes with Bluetooth version v5.0 & a stronger & better connection.

      On the lower side of each bud, there is a microphone, you can use this for google assistant and phone calls. When you put it out from the case each buds sound "READY TO PLAY", after getting a connection with the device it sounds "PAIRED", after the loss of the connection with the device it sounds "DISCONNECTED"

      When the battery is low with the blinking of light it sounds "BATTERY LOW" nearly for 2 to 4 times. When it got switched off it sounds "POWER OFF", power off occurs when the charge is finished or when it could not find its connection for 1 to 2 minutes.


 1. Power On and Off-

    Remove the earbuds from the charging capsule and they will automatically turn on & turn off and place the buds back inside the capsule.                                                                                         

2. How To Connect A Device-

    After one of the buds search for Mivi Duopods M40 in the Bluetooth settings of the device and tap to connect.

3. Music Play-

  • To play or pause music touch the MFB button once on either the left or right buds.
  • To skip to the previous/next song, Touch Twice the left MFB   button to play the previous song. And Touch Twice the right MFB button to play the next song.

4. Answer and End Incoming Calls-

  • Touch the MFB button Once on either left or right bud to answer or end a call.
  • Touch and Hold the MFB button for 2 seconds on either left or right bud to reject a call. 

5. Activate Siri or Google Assistant-

      Touch the MFB button Thrice on either left or right bud to activate the voice assistant.

6. Charge The Mivi Duopods M40-

       Mivi DuoPods M40 play your music on and on for up to 6 hours. The charging case lets you charge the earbuds up to three times.

7. Reset The Device-

    Disable the Bluetooth on the device and disconnect the earbuds. Touch and hold the MFB button of both buds until the light turns off. After off of the light put the buds in the capsule and it will be reset.


*About The Charging Capsule:-

      The capsule has 4 white lights inside, which indicate the charge of the capsule. Outside the capsule there are no details about the device, it means the capsule is totally plane. For that reason, the capsule looks cool. Only the logo MIVI is placed on the upper side.


General Details:-

Model Name



      Black, Blue, Red, White

Headphone Type

      True Wireless

Inline Remote


Sales Package

      Duo Pods, Charging Case, Charging cable, User Manual,2 sets of earbuds.




Product Details:-

Sweat Proof




Deep Bass






Technology Used


With Microphone



According to our intelligence, we will give it 8.8 points out of 10.


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